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Flake Ice Machine with the Latest Technology for Fish
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Product: Views:302Flake Ice Machine with the Latest Technology for Fish 
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mall Flake Ice machine is the wise choice
   Shenzhen Icesnow Refrigeration Equipment CO.,LTD. flake icemachine GM - 10 k (ice production: 1 ton/day), is the technical improvement ofthe existing large flake ice machine,  which is suitable for small andmedium enterprises for food preservation, temperature lowing, meat products cooling,ice making, supermarket fruit and vegetable rapid cooling etc. Icesnow flakeice machine uses the leading technology in the industry. The small size flake icemachine enjoys remarkable performance, lower power consumption, environmental friendlyfeature, easier operation and so on. The small size flake ice machine has wonseveral national patents. Icesnow small size flake ice machine is the wisechoice in the small industrial use flake ice machine. Welcome to inquire aboutthe details of our refrigeration equipment parameters. 
   ICESNOW flake ice machines are divided into: small andmedium-sized commercial flake ice machine (ice production: 350 kg/day -3ton/day), medium, and large commercial and industrial flake ice machine (iceproduction: 3 ton/day -50ton/day), seawater flake ice machine (ice production:1ton/day -5 ton/ day). We offer customized services on the ICESNOW refrigerationlarge flake ice machine evaporator, ammonia system of Sinuo,fluorine system,large ice machineevaporator (also known as ice bucket, evaporation barrel). Welcome toinquire about the information of major refrigeration equipments. ICESNOWrefrigeration committed to providing different solutions for differentindustries, Icesnow flake ice machines, are the leading products inrefrigeration indust

Food flake ice machine features:  
★Flake ice temperature:-5℃—8℃
★Flake ice thickness:1.8mm—2.5mm   
★Flake ice machine used efficient, energy- saving andgreen heat exchanger, be  of  high   level anti-corrosion, be suitable for new refrigerant and meet  energy-savingand green demands.
★Flake ice has dry smooth, not obvious edges  thuswill not damage the freezer goods, so it can guarantee the freezer goods'original flavor.

Application industries: 
★Supermarket fresh and hotelschilled        
★Slaughtering industry
★Food proceeing
★Fruits, vegetablesdistribution and preservation
★Marine fisheries andaquatic products processing
★Concrete mixing works
★Pharmaceutical andchemical paint
★Man-made ice project



Flake Ice Machine for FoodGM-10K Technique Parameter


Daily output(kg/24h)


Ref. Capacity (kcal/h)

Evaporating Temperture (℃)

Total Power (kw)






















Power Supply


Cooling Mode

Unit Dimension(mm)

Bin Size (mm)

Weight(exclude bin)kg












Standard condition:ambient temperature 25oC, water temperature 16oC.
The above-mentionedparameter will be changed subject to technical innovation without further notice. 

Small-sized Flake Ice Machine Special Design  
1. Refrigeration system: main components are importedfrom USA, Germany,Japanand so on.
2. PLC programmable control system which canopen and stop the ice-making unit automatically through the PLC programmable logic controller, sothat ice cylinder operating system and water circulation system can coordinatedand match, ensuring safe and efficient operation. When the unit fails, PLCautomatically shutdown for protection and the input point of fault indicatordisplays on the status, when the failure recovery, PLC unit receivesinformation and automatically start to work and realize a full automaticcontrol.
3. Evaporator: with the horizontal motionaldesign, the wear-out of the system can be reduced, and gas leak can be avoided.It can also maintain good precision and intensity with high grade 304 stainlesssteel together automatic argon-arc welding.
4. Ice skates: Screw designed scraper, lowresistance, low consumption, no noise and even ice production.